About Me

Hi there! My name is Rebecca, and I absolutely love decorating and prettifying (somehow my made-up word only looks like horrifying) things on the cheap. And yes, I do mean cheap. Doling those little dollars out for things which don’t seem absolutely necessary physically hurts me. It does. I remember how frustrated I used to be with my mom for being so freakin’ cheap. But you know what they say. Now my husband makes fun of me for not letting him spend money on anything.

I enjoy using things I already have or can get for cheap to make things and decorate. Most of the tutorials on my page won’t cost you more than $20.. because I just don’t like spending more than that! Ha!
I am the mother of a beautiful baby (Little Bear), the wife of a handsome (I think so anyway) and awesome dude (The Boy).. and we’re all owned by a mischievous tuxedo tomcat (Slaik).

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  1. Sweet! My son just moved into a "trendy" (expensive) apartment in the city. NO PAINTNG THE WHITEWALLS or pay a hefty fee when you leave the place! Seriously? However as a family, we've traveled the world and have beautiful pictures. Planning your transfer photos to wood project to put colorful (you can do this with color photos, right?) woods on his wall for cheap, cause his rent is NOT. Thanks.